What Are Some Free Virtual Parenting Games?


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Free virtual parenting games include Virtual Families Lite, Baby Dow, Second Life, Cyber Infants, and Baby Valley. These games allow players to simulate parenting, and can either be played on the Internet or downloaded on smart phones.

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Parenting simulations have long existed in the form of dolls and toys, and that has extended into the virtual environment in the form of video games.

For example, Baby Valley is an online game that allows players to raise their own virtual babies. They can customize their babies and raise them until they are 3 and can go off to school. In order to keep the child alive, players must monitor and maintain his or her health, cleanliness and nutrition.

I Am Fam is an online game sponsored by American Family Insurance. The game begins with choosing an avatar and customizing it to look as much like the player as possible. Players can control the avatar's hair, clothes and accessories. They can then choose a house, a profession and a spouse. Once a spouse is chosen, players can have children and begin a family. They then must take care of the family by keeping the house clean, earning money and caring for your children.

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