What Are Some Virtual Paintball Games?

"Paintball," "Digital Paintball 3.0" and "Presidential Paintball" are three virtual paintball games. "Paintball" is available at Mousebreaker.com, while "Digital Paintball 3.0" is offered at PaintballGame.com, and "Presidential Paintball" is available at Miniclip.com.

In "Paintball," players are able to play one-on-one paintball matches and four-man skirmishes. Players must run toward and away from opponents and sidestep to avoid paintballs using the arrow keys. Players win by reducing the opposition's health bar to zero. Good performances earn higher scores.

"Digitial Paintball 3.0" offers single player and multiplayer modes. The single player mode has multiple levels which allows players to hone their skills, learning how to move quickly, avoid damage and shoot opponents. In the multiplayer mode, players are able to play in a team or alone in effort to progress up the leaderboard. "Elimination," "Capture the Flag" and "Siege" are three of the multiplayer games in "Digital Paintball 3.0."

In "Presidential Paintball," players are required to fight with Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, in a battle for the American presidency. Players must look to land as many hits as possible on their opponent, ensuring they do not misfire and run out of ammunition. In each level, players have an allotted time to deal as much damage as possible in an effort to progress to the next stage.