What Are Some Virtual Cooking Games?

What Are Some Virtual Cooking Games?

Some virtual cooking games are "Cooking Academy," "Let's Get Cookin'" and "Chef Solus Cooking Academy." VirtualWorldsforTeens.com has a number of cooking games, including "Make Beef Tacos," "Stella Sandwich," "Tasty Pastry Cooking" and "Delicious Asian Sushi."

The full version of "Cooking Academy" is available to download for free and a partial version is available online. The player chooses a recipe such as guacamole to prepare. She moves the mouse to slice, chop and mix ingredients within the time period allowed for each cooking step and can earn points and time bonuses.

Gameplay is similar for "Let's Get Cookin'," which has individual and parent-child play modes. In the parent-child mode, the parent points to ingredients with the mouse and the child uses the keyboard spacebar to initiate an action.

The "Chef Solus Cooking Academy" game teaches kids how to cook pancakes. The player gets points for choosing the right ingredients and amounts and for cooking them correctly. Choosing healthier ingredients gives extra points.

In "Delicious Asian Sushi," game animations guide the cook through the steps of preparing different kinds of sushi. "Tasty Pastry Cooking" displays small text bubbles to instruct the cook. These games do not have time or scoring components.