What Are Vintage Model Car Kits?


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Vintage model car kits include the parts necessary to assemble miniature versions of a vintage car. They were first made at the end of World War II and were most popular with children in the 1960s who desired to have cars that were popular at that time.

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Some vintage model car kit companies include AMT, Revell, Monogram, Tamiya and Pocher, which made kits for many models, including the 1957 Chevy Bel-Air and the 1966 Ford Mustang. The kits have become collectible items and are often kept in the sealed wrapper and box with no intention of assembling the parts.

The typical kit includes several plastic sheets, known as trees, which are injection molded. Each part of the car is attached to the trees by sprues, which need to be carefully cut and discarded by the assembler. The kit also includes instructions and decals that can be used to add logos, stripes or flames to the car's body. Paint is not typically included, but modelers often choose to airbrush the car with great care to add a sense of realism. Some especially popular types of collectible kits are NASCAR racing models and show rods, which were cars created for car shows in the 1960s.

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