How Is the "Vindictus" PvP Mode Played?


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To play the PVP mode in Vindictus, players must first locate the Roman coliseum symbol at the bottom of their screen. Once players have found the coliseum, they must click on the icon in order to enter the 1v1 arena. Alternatively, players can access other PVP modes from the Roman coliseum icon, but the 1v1 arena mode is selected at default.

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The minimum level required to fight in the 1v1 arena is level 40. However, players who haven't yet reached that level can still spectate other matches. Once players have entered the 1v1 arena, they'll be placed into a waiting room where they're able to observe other fighters in the arena or wait until they're placed into a match. The Vindictus 1v1 arena PVP mode ends when either the timer runs from 90 seconds to 0, or when a player's health is reduced to 0. If a player is outside of the arena field's boundaries, they receive damage every second until re-entry. A player who wins a battle in the Vindictus arena is awarded with a Triumph Medal, which can be traded for new items and artifacts. Artifacts are normally items that a player's character can equip to gain buffs, which provide advantages to the character's in-game performance.

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