What Are Some Video Games Involving Trucks?


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Games in which the player drives an 18-wheeler truck include the "Euro Truck Simulator" series, "18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker," "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" and the "Hard Truck" series. Games in which players drive a monster truck include the "Monster Jam" licensed series and "Bigfoot: Collision Course."

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18-wheeler truck games vary in realism. The "Euro Truck Simulator" games strive to be a mostly accurate simulation of transporting goods on a schedule on actual roads in Europe, while "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" involves traveling at dangerous speeds and outrunning police. "18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker" and the "Hard Truck" games are among the more unrealistic racing games that involve ramming other vehicles. Other trucking games include the "Big Mutha Truckers" series, "Cross Country USA" and "Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing."

The "Monster Jam" video game series is based on the Monster Jam motorsport tour. As of March 2015 there are three games in the series: "Maximum Destruction," "Path of Destruction" and "Urban Assault." "Bigfoot: Collision Course" is one of the few games licensed to use the name and likeness of the Bigfoot monster truck. The only other game to date based entirely around Bigfoot is the self-titled game released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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