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Hasbro game company has created many versions of the board game Monopoly since the first edition in 1935. The original version uses street names from Atlantic City, N.J. as spaces around the board. Popular or well-known cities and locations have been used to create the street names as spaces around the board in other editions. There are also editions based on popular movies, brands, sports teams and television shows.

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The most recent major changes to more than just street names are in the "Here & Now" edition, which was released in 2008. It was also released as an app for mobile phones. Monopoly is available in 111 countries in 43 different languages on seven different platforms. A Braille version exists for visually impaired people.

The original Monopoly set included a purse, rocking horse and lantern game pieces that were replaced in the 1950s by a dog, wheelbarrow and horse with rider. In 1978, a chocolate version was available. The most expensive version of the game consists of a solid gold game board and real diamonds as the spots on the dice.

McDonald's fast food restaurant uses the game as a promotional tool on occasion. Customers receive board pieces with certain purchases and win prizes for collecting a complete color set.

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