What Are the Values of Used Guns?


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There are several factors that go into determining the values of used guns including age, condition, type of gun, markings, brand, caliber and action. The rarer the gun and the better condition that it's in, the higher the value. Before the value can be accurately assessed, the gun must be identified.

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To identify a gun, the owner must determine the type of gun, caliber, action and brand. The type of gun is whether it's a handgun or long gun, revolver or autopistol, shotgun or rifle. Loading style should be determined to identify if it's muzzle-loaded or if it takes a magazine. Action refers to either manual or automatic firing, and caliber refers to the size of the bullets or shells that the gun takes. Brand indicates what company made the gun. In addition to identifying the gun, the condition must be assessed to determine value. The two commonly used systems to gauge value are the NRA Conditions Grading Standards and the Percentage System. The NRA Conditions Grading Standards rate the gun as excellent, new, good, very good, poor or fair. The Percentage System rates the condition of a gun by the percentage of original finish left on the gun, from 0 to 100 percent.

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