What Are the Values of Each Playing Card in Cribbage?

In cribbage, numbered cards receive their numbered value, face cards receive the value of 10 and aces receive the value of one. Points in cribbage are not directly related to the value of the cards; however, values are used to score points when cards are played and at the end of a round to score hands.

In a hand of cribbage, players go back and forth playing cards and totaling the values until either 31 is reached or no more cards can be played without going over 31. As the players total the cards, they score points by making certain combinations, pairs, runs, playing the card that brings the total to 15 or 31, or being the last player that can play a card without going over 31. These last two are worth two points and one point, respectively.

After all cards have been played, players use the same scoring rules to total the points in their hand. They use a card that was cut from the deck at the beginning of the round in their scoring. One of the players also gets to count a second hand, which is referred to as the Crib.

Two points are assigned to sums of 15. Pairs are worth two points, and if a player has three or four of a kind, each pair counts individually. Runs are worth the number of cards in the run. A flush, or hand of cards of the same suit, is worth four or five points, depending on if the cut card is also the same suit. Finally, if a player has a jack of the same suit as the cut card, it is worth one point.