How Do You Value Ty Collectibles?

Ty collectibles are valued by using current pricing guides and online catalogs. allows users to check the values of several Ty collectibles, with most items using the prices from eBay and allows users to purchase a pricing guide for Beanie Babies, which are a common Ty collectible item.

As of 2015, there is no official Ty collectibles pricing guide or online pricing resource. It’s recommended to buy a guide that is less than a year old, since prices change rapidly. According to, the overall value of Ty items has steadily declined since 1999. One of the most expensive Ty collectibles items is the first generation Beanie Babies. Some Ty collectibles with an issued limited number are also more valuable than other items.

Like most collectibles, Ty items are priced based on rarity and condition. Most Ty collectibles are included with an official Ty tag, which might also affect the price based on its condition. If the item is missing the tag, it might drop its value to as much as 50 percent. Another way to ensure Ty collectibles are more valuable is by having a Certificate of Authenticity with it. In 1997, many counterfeit Ty collectibles surfaced and sold at discounted prices compared to the originals.