What Is the Value of a Quarter With an Eagle, a Lady With Stars on Each Side and a Small "m" on the Bottom Right?


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The value of a Lady Liberty quarter depends on the condition of the quarter as well as the year it was minted. These quarters have a wide range of values among collectors, from around $4 for more common mintings, to hundreds or thousands of dollars for older, rarer coins.

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The Standing Lady Liberty coin, named for its depiction of the goddess Liberty on one side, was struck between the years of 1916 and 1930. Coins with the "M" marking were minted in Philadelphia, while the rarer "D" and "S" markings were minted in Denver and San Francisco. Since a design issue caused the dates on early quarters to wear down quickly until their redesign in 1925, Lady Liberty quarters dated from before 1925 are significantly rarer and considered more valuable.

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