How Do You Find the Value for Original Beatles Records?

Find out the value of your original Beatles' record is to look its value in the latest copy of rare record price guide. You can either buy the book or a subscription to its online database. Both contain the value of every official Beatles' record ever made. You should make a note have the record's catalogue number so you can identify the exact Beatles' record you own.

The price you find in the Rare Record Price Guide, however, is only a guide, and the true value of your original Beatles' record depends on its condition and rarity. One collector's sealed first press of the Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" sold at an auction for $38,800 because it was only sold in shops in limited areas for one day due its controversial cover art. Very early copies of "Revolver" are worth a lot more than later copies because they feature a different mix of "Tomorrow Never Knows." The value of your record can rocket if your record is signed by a member of the band. A rare copy of "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was sold for $295,500 in 2013.

Your Beatles' record is potentially worth a lot more than its recommended value if you sell it at an auction rather than to a dealer., for example, shows original Beatles' records sold on eBay for much more than their stated value.