How Do You Find the Value of Hess Collectibles?

Find the value of Hess collectibles by looking them up in the collector's price guides or by viewing the prices for the same items on websites such as eBay, The Collections, Real Price Guides and Ray's Hess Toy Trucks. On Ray's Hess Toy Trucks, users can buy "The Official Toy Truck Price Guide" in editions from 1994 to 2011. The website also sells collectibles; prices for those items can help users to determine the value of their items.

On The Collections, users can buy "The Collector's Official 2012 Toy Truck Price Guide." This book includes photos, descriptions and prices for all Hess trucks from the 1964 B-tanker truck to the 2011 mini helicopter transport. The book also includes information about all special issues, mini trucks, glasses, buttons and signs. The guide features information about Texaco banks and airplanes. Additionally, visitors can find many Hess trucks for sale.

Real Price Guides has a list of Hess trucks that were manufactured in different years, pictures and the values of the trucks.

The Collections and Ray's Hess Toy Trucks sell items only in mint condition, so to find out the value of a truck that has been used, it would be a good idea to search the item on eBay, as there are a lot of items for sale both new and used.