What Is the Value of a Gold-Plated 1999 Liberty Quarter Stamped "Georgia 1788" on the Back With the Georgia State Logo?

Gold-plated state Liberty quarters of Georgia and other U.S. states do not carry a premium above their face value of $.25. As of 2014, however, many dealers routinely sell the coins to interested collectors for $2 to $3 each at online marketplaces.

The coins were not produced by the United States Mint but plated by private companies after they were placed in circulation to draw interest from serious collectors of the popular coins, which were issued in groups of five each year from 1999 to 2008. The U.S. Mint even issued a warning on its Consumer Alerts page after the quarters were found in circulation, stating, "The United States Mint has never produced or sold colorized coins or gold- or silver-plated coins. However, many businesses purchase genuine United States coins and then plate them in a thin layer of gold or silver or use a variety of methods to ‘colorize’ the coins...."

While the gold plating of the coins is most always authentic, it is in such small amounts that it would cost more to recover the precious metal than it is worth. As with coins that have been enameled, painted or bear removable stickers, the coins are considered "altered" and not "defaced," and are therefore still considered legal tender.