What Is the Value of a Five Dollar United States Note With Red Lettering?


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As of 2014, a $5 United States note bearing a red serial number and seal may be worth anywhere from $6 to $100. According to the buyers at OldCurrency, the bill's value is ultimately determined by its year, condition and whether it is of the rare "star note" variety.

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The 1928 red print bill is valued at $7 in circulated condition, with uncirculated bills and those with serial numbers beginning with a red "star" character valued significantly higher.

The standard 1953 red serial number bill carries a value of $6 in average, circulated condition, while uncirculated copies fetch up to $15. The value of star notes of this type range from $12 to $100 for uncirculated bills.

The 1963 bills are the most common of the three and carry an average value of $6 to $15 for circulated and uncirculated condition, respectively. Star notes carry an average value of $10 but raise to $25 when uncirculated.

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