How Do You Find the Value of David Winter Collectible Cottages?


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To find the value of a David Winter collectible cottage, find out how rare the particular cottage is and how much demand for it exists. Other factors that affect the price of a David Winter cottage include the condition of the cottage and the market value of similar items.

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David Winter started a sculpture business with John Hine in the 1970s. Winter produced his first cottage figure, "The Mill House," in 1979, and he has produced a vast number of cottages over subsequent decades.

David Winter cottages can be found for sale on resale sights such as eBay. A cottage in good condition with the original packaging is generally worth more than a damaged or worn cottage without the original box. Certain David Winter Cottages are quite rare and have been popular with collectors. For example, "Sabrina's Cottage" and "Wintershell" are two rare models that could sell for as much as $2,000 in the 1990s. In 1991, a copy of "Provencal II" produced in 1981 sold for $42,000.

Production and distribution of David Winter Cottages largely ceased in 2002. While the general rarity of the cottages continues to rise, the cottages are not as popular with collectors as they were in the '90s.

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