How Do You Find the Value of Collectible Whiskey Decanters?

One way to find the value of collectible whiskey decanters is to visit Heartland of Kentucky Decanters and Steins at Under the Collectibles tab, decanters are listed by brand, such as Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey, or by design, such as military or horses. Pictures and prices of specific collectibles are listed there. Compare your item to those listed on the site. hosts a "Show and Tell" forum where owners of collectible whiskey bottles post pictures and compare prices with other collectors. To use this feature, from the home page click Categories, then Bottles, then Whiskey bottles. You can browse pictures, link to eBay postings and read articles such as "How to Read a Bottle" that can help you find the value of your item.

The Historic Glass Bottle Identification and Information Website at offers extensive information that helps determine the value of a collectible decanter. Auction websites, such as eBay, whiskey societies and antique bottle exhibitions, also determine the value of whiskey decanters.

Factors collectors take into consideration when determining the value of a bottle include the presence of a label, the presence of chips or cracks, and the condition of attached parts. Typically collectors place little value on the contents of the decanter.