How Do You Value Antique Wall Plates?


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It's possible to value antique wall plates by using a number of free online tools, including live and past auction results. Offline tools are also available, such as books. When appraising the value of a plate, pay attention to markings, condition and the item's rarity.

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When making a rough appraisal of an antique, bear in mind that the final price arises when a dealer makes the owner an offer. Some online tools can lead to a reasonably accurate estimation, such as live auction prices. Antique owners can look at the going prices for their antique, in its present condition, and create an average of them. When doing this, look for an item that's in the same condition.

An alternative to creating a rough estimate using an auction site is to use free pricing resources. Such resources usually give an idea as to how much an antique in good condition costs. To use these resources, the plate's owner needs to know where it comes from, what condition it's in and the maker.

Individuals struggling to create an estimate on their own can use online valuation services. Some are free, whereas others come with a small cost. Individuals who want to perform offline research can try using books; however, published prices are usually higher than real life offers.

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