What Is the Value of a 1974 50-Cent Coin From Kenya?


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As of 2014, the coin auction website CataWiki valued 1974 50-cent coins from Kenya in the highest condition at about $1.60, coins in mint condition at $1.08, coins in extremely fine condition at 40 cents and coins in fine condition at 20 cents. The site does not provide the price of coins in fine, very good or good condition.

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The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation provides similar values for 2014, selling the best-condition coins at $2.50, followed by $1.75 for mint condition coins, 80 cents for extremely fine coins and 40 cents for very fine coins. Values from the online coin dealer UCOIN listed a 1974 50-cent coin from Kenya available for 48 cents. As of June 2014, the same coin from 1975 sold for 86 cents, 54 cents and 24 cents, for an average value of 55 cents. These 1974 and 1975 prices refer to used coins taken from circulation. Kenyan 50-cent coins from 1974 are made of cupronickel, which is a copper and nickel alloy. The front side features a coat of arms between the numbers of the year and above the face value of the coin. The reverse side features a bust of the first president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. The coin is round with a milled edge. It has a 21-millimeter diameter and is 1.48 millimeters thick. It weighs 4 grams.

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