How Do You Find the Value of a 1964 Half Dollar?

Collectors trying to obtain the value of a 1964 Kennedy half dollar online should first determine if the coin features the former president with accented hair, as such coins command a significant premium. Coin enthusiasts can then check out the sites and to determine the up-to-date market value.

At the request of his mother, changes were made toward the end of production to make the former president's hair look better. According to CoinTrackers, these coins are worth anywhere from $100 to $900 to collectors, depending on their condition.

There were 273,304,000 unmarked coins produced at the Philadelphia mint and another 156,205,446 minted in Denver, bearing the 'D' mark. experts place a value of about $10 on coins in average, circulated condition, with those in certified mint condition fetching as much as $90. CoinValues places a broader numismatic value on the coin, ranging from $6.50 to $26, depending on its condition.

Struck just two months following his assassination, the 1964 issue was the only Kennedy half dollar minted in 90 percent silver and bears a silver weight of 0.3617 ounces. As of 2015, the "melted" value of the coin is roughly $5.30, based on current prices of the precious metal.

The reverse of the half dollar bears an eagle holding an olive branch and arrows, with 50 stars encircling the bird to represent each of the states.