What Are Some Valuable M2 Machines?


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As of 2016, some valuable M2 Machines include antique Chevrolets, old haulers of various makes and models, antique pickup trucks and old hot rods. Amazon.com and CollectablesCorner1.com list these among the best-selling and highest priced M2 Machines.

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Amazon.com and CollectablesCorner1.com list several 1957 Chevys among their most valuable M2 Machines, including a 1:108 scale hot pink Bel Air, a 1:108 blue chase car and 1:24 Bel Air convertible. Valuable auto haulers include makes such as Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet of model years 1958 or earlier. Antique pickup truck M2 Machines of various models from the 1950s command relatively high prices on the sites, as do hot rods from the 50s and 60s such as Chevy Nova and Dodge Lancer.

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