What Are Some Valuable Lincoln Pennies?


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Prior to the year 2010, the U.S. penny featured a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the front and the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse. From 1909 to 1959, the reverse side of the penny featured the words "one cent' in prominent letters flanked by two stalks of wheat. Wheat pennies are generally more prized than the memorial pennies, but excepting very old or irregular pennies, they are not particularly valuable.

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There are some rare pennies that are worth a lot to coin collectors. According to About.com, a 1914 D wheat penny might bring $3,800 in uncirculated condition. The same coin in circulated condition might only bring $260. A rare 1922 (no D) could bring $27,000 in uncirculated condition. In September of 2012, a 1943-S penny sold for $1,000,000. The coin was one of a rare few that were struck from a bronze disk instead of zinc-plated steel in 1943. A 1955 doubled die might bring $32,000 in uncirculated condition. Its value springs from a misprinting that caused several of the letters to be struck twice. Other imperfections, such as letters being misaligned or the wrong size, can make coins valuable to collectors. A 1972 doubled die could bring $325 in uncirculated condition. In general, older coins are worth more than newer ones, and any coin showing an imperfection in the printing is likely to be more valuable than the standard version. However, condition is a key factor. Coins that show signs of wear are of significantly less value than uncirculated coins.

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