How Do You Utilize Forge Mod Loader for "Minecraft"?


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To utilize the Forge Mod Loader, first ensure that Minecraft Forge has been downloaded and installed. Open the launcher for "Minecraft" and choose Edit Profile, followed by the Use Version button. Choose the version with Forge in the name to launch.

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Minecraft Forge is a well-known utility mod that assists in the installation and running of other mods. Many mods in "Minecraft" are only usable if Forge has already been installed.

Files.minecraftforge.net offers the current download of Minecraft Forge as of July 2015. Ensure that the downloaded version of Minecraft Forge matches the version of "Minecraft" currently being used before installation.

After the Minecraft Forge Mod Loader is installed, download any desired mods that are Forge compatible. Locate and open the "Minecraft" folder in your computer by clicking the Open Game Dir button in the "Minecraft" launcher. Once there, create a folder and label it "mods." This label is case-sensitive, so do not capitalize. Place your downloaded mod files into this folder one at a time. Once this is complete, "Minecraft" can be launched again.

"Minecraft" may show a black screen for several seconds when launching with new mods installed. After a successful launch, a new bar labeled Mods appears on the start screen, where all utilized mods can be viewed.

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