What Are Some Uses of Plastic Mesh Netting?

What Are Some Uses of Plastic Mesh Netting?

Plastic mesh netting has a myriad of uses including industrial, agricultural, commercial and a variety of applications within the sports arena. One commonly recognized application of plastic mesh bags is the fruit and vegetable packages that are sold in grocery stores.

Industrially, plastic mesh netting is used to protect and cover large, oddly shaped equipment and machinery during transport.

Plastic mesh netting is used often in agriculture due to its versatility. It allows certain elements to penetrate, such as rain and sunlight, while maintaining the integrity of the crops or animals. As with other industries, different types of mesh netting are manufactured for each agricultural use. Examples of mesh netting used in agriculture include netting manufactured specifically for chicken and pheasant containment and a barrier to keep mosquitoes and other pests away from agriculture.

Netting used in sports is also very common. It is typically found on driving ranges, behind home plate on baseball fields, soccer goal nets, practice cages as well as spectator safety nets like the ones found in ice hockey arenas.

Plastic mesh nets are made from a variety of different plastics depending upon the application. They are produced in many thicknesses, weights and cuts and through a variety of different manufacturing processes.