What Are Some Uses for Plastic Bins and Boxes?


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Some uses for plastic bins and boxes include kitchen organization, office storage, a hanging sliding-storage system and do-it-yourself furniture projects. Plastic storage containers of any shape and size work well for these projects; assess the space to determine the ideal size to use.

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Use a common Sterilite-brand, three-drawer plastic bin to create an office organizer with decorative finishes; the project takes about an hour to complete and the materials cost about $30. Supplies needed for this project include metallic gold spray paint, a plastic bin with drawers and metal bookplates. Remove the drawers from the bin and use the spray paint to paint them gold. To ensure that the paint doesn't carry or discolor other objects, use a drop cloth and paint in a well-ventilated area. Spray-paint the bookplates to match the bin frames and let them dry.

An ideal use for plastic bins is a hanging sliding-storage system. This project allows you to store seasonal or minimally-used items in space that would otherwise go unused. Supplies needed for this project include wood, a screwdriver, screws and wood glue to build the tracks, plastic bins, a ladder, and measuring tape. Ensure the storage system has a 2-foot clearance from any ceiling fixtures and that upon installation, the tracks are attached to a joist.

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