What Are Some Uses for Plain Graph Paper?

While most people associate graph paper as something only used for graphing math-related information, plain graph paper has a variety of additional uses. Graph paper can also be used to practice origami, sketching architectural structures, coloring and taking notes during class or a meeting.

Graph paper is great to use for people just learning to fold origami shapes because the graph lines can be used as a guide for where to fold and crease the paper. The graph lines can also be used to cut smaller squares that are necessary for many origami shapes.

Plain graph paper can also be used as a free-form abstract coloring page. Use the lines as guides to create shapes and forms that can be colored in using crayons, markers or colored pencils.

Sketching structures or a garden layout provides another opportunity to use plain graph paper. The nature of graphing paper allows visual areas to be drawn on a smaller scale while still providing a possible legend for the physical dimensions.

While people often associate plain or lined paper with note taking, many people across the world use notebooks with graph paper instead. Using graph paper for note taking means one can section out different areas on the page for specific pieces of information along with creating easy columns of numbers.