What Are Some Uses for Old Wooden Pallets?


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Old wooden pallets can be used to make furniture, decorative accents, garden centers, decks and internal home construction. Numerous websites have displays of the many ways to re-purpose old pallets, including 1001Pallets.com, DesignRulz.com and DumpADay.com.

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What Are Some Uses for Old Wooden Pallets?
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Users that build furniture from pallets often use the material to showcase its rugged, natural and slatted look. However, many designers incorporated paints, coatings and finishes that provide a highly polished look. Beds are a common construction item since they are also basically just frames. Large beds with built-in shelving in the headboard and storage underneath the bed are a common theme.

Many table designs are available, including picnic tables, kitchen tables, end tables and coffee tables. Some of them are basic in design, but many take advantage of the pallet's open construction to add unique storage options. Magazine racks, picture frames, wine racks, shoe racks and multi-tiered shelving have also been constructed out of pallets.

Pallets have also been reused for larger scale construction including entire outdoor decks and tall stand-up herb gardens where the pallet slats are used for the tiered plant shelving. They also work perfectly for under-window flower boxes. Inside of the home, they have been used to create large multi-directional stairways.

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