What Are Some Uses of the Madeira Color Comparison Chart?


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Use Madeira embroidery thread color comparison charts to find the names or numbers of thread colors for ordering, and to match to other colors, either threads from different product lines or companies, or shades of paint. All threads produced by Madeira have a name describing the color as well as a color number, both of which are usually included on color comparison charts along with samples of the color.

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Color charts may be arranged in order by color number, name or description, depending on their purpose. Some charts list all colors of a particular Madeira product line, allowing customers to choose the shades most suited to their projects. Other charts offer comparisons between the colors offered by Madeira and other companies for locating a Madeira thread that matches an existing color sample, for example when trying to replace a discontinued color of thread.

To order a particular color of Madeira embroidery thread from a supplier, look up the color on a chart either by name, such as "Peach Blush" or "Moss Green," or by the shade depicted on the chart, and refer to the color number to place the order. While hard copy color charts are accurate to the specific colors, color charts viewed on a computer may not correctly display the hues due to differences in monitor settings.

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