What Are Some Uses for the Large Letters Created by Templates?

Large letters that are created from templates, can be used in the creation of banners and signs for birthdays, to show appreciation, for Christmas, garage sales, weddings and Halloween. Make an easy and festive Christmas sign by using wooden clothespins and painting them red and green.

Spell “Merry Christmas” in black letters, using a large letter template for each letter. Use alternating red and green paper to back each letter. Use blue craft tack that is rolled into small balls or strips to tack the letters on to a backing. Hang the backed letters with red and green colored clothespins. Add garland along the top of the banner for extra holiday impact.

Use large letter templates for a similar Halloween project. Take black card stock and use it for backing. Cut out white letters from the large letter templates. Use Halloween words such as “Haunted," “Keep Out” or “Happy Halloween.”

Letter templates can be used to make a “Best Teacher” banner. It's a fast and simple way to show a teacher how much she is appreciated. Make the banner using the teacher’s name and a slogan. For example, create a banner that says, “Mrs. Brady Rocks!” using large black letters on white paper. Hang it with pegs or strings across the board.

Large, bold letters can also be added to scrap books, or to create custom cards. Decorate them with scribbles or personalized line drawings for added meaning and style.