What Are Some Uses for Foil Seal Stickers?


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Use foil seal stickers to dress up envelope flaps, seal parcels, brand customer orders and add messaging. Sheets of foil seals are printable and pressure-sensitive, so they are simple to add to award certificates and diplomas. Foil seal stickers make attractive small product labels. They give decorative touches to items from laptops to notebooks, according to MOO, a printing and design website.

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Foil seal stickers have a metallic finish that adds an elegant touch to items such as wedding invitations, especially when the seals are embossed with patterns. Use handheld embossing gadgets to personalize foil envelope seals with a return address, suggests Paper Source. Foil seals can adorn other wedding items such as favor bags too.

Wedding suppliers carry specialty foil seal stickers for personalizing other event favors, such as water and wine bottles. They are weather-proof to stay put on chilled or moist bottles, and the strong sticker adhesive works on glass, plastic and even metal surfaces, asserts Tiffany Blu.

Foil seal stickers are great for accenting scrapbook pages and making greeting cards pop. Craft suppliers offer entire collections that feature different sticker sheets, including foil accent stickers. Photo galleries and tutorials online illustrate ideas for incorporating the foil stickers for the best results, as seen on Scrapbook.com.

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