What Are Uses for Fabric Spray Paint?


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Uses for fabric spray paint include adding stripes to team uniforms, coloring bed sheets, tie-dying a beach towel and creating unique place settings for tables. People can also use fabric spray paint to decorate canvas tote bags, throw pillows, aprons and shoes.

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Fabric spray paint allows people to create unique clothing and home accessories at an affordable cost, including lamp shades, hats, belts, earrings and jackets. Crafters can use stencils to create unique patterns on their items, or they can make their items one solid color.

Tie-dying is a simple fabric spray paint project. The technique involves tying, crumpling or twisting a garment and binding it with string or rubber bands before dying. Spray the entire garment with the first color, and let it dry before re-twisting and spraying with the second color. Repeat the process with as many colors as desired. Tie-dyed garments typically feature bright primary colors in bold patterns, and using olive green, brown and tan tones creates a camouflage look.

Another simple fabric spray paint project is painting the tops of shoes to create a unique footwear look. Use painter's tape to divide the area to be painted, and spray that area with the desired color. Let the paint dry, and remove the tape.

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