What Are Some Uses for Decorative Adhesive Paper?

What Are Some Uses for Decorative Adhesive Paper?

Use decorative adhesive paper for a variety of home decor projects, including covered storage boxes, cereal box desk organizers, embellished bureaus and cupcake wrappers. To add a decorative element to the backs of shelves and inside cabinets, measure the shelf space, mark the dimensions on a piece of contact paper, cut the paper, and press it into the back of the shelf.

To create decorative storage boxes, place a box lid on top of a sheet of adhesive paper, mark the corners of the box, and use a ruler to connect the dots. Cut the paper, leaving a 2-inch margin all around. Mark and cut a diagonal line in each corner. Peel off the paper’s backing, and place the box lid firmly in the center. Fold the contact paper over the lid’s edge, and repeat for the bottom of the box.

To create a desk organizer from a cereal box, cut the box with a utility knife to the desired height. Wrap the adhesive paper around the box to determine the dimensions, unwrap the paper, cut it, peel the backing off the paper, and press the paper to the box.

To embellish the front of a plain dresser, remove the drawers, and stand them on their ends. Partially peel the backing off a roll of adhesive paper, and press it onto the front of the drawer. Use a credit card to smooth it, and then trim away any excess paper.

To create a decorative cupcake wrapper from contact paper, take a disposable cupcake wrapper, remove the bottom from it, and lay it flat as a template for the wrapper. Trace around the template, and cut the wrapper out of contact paper. Overlap the edges of the wrapper, and glue them together.