What Are the Uses of Cuttlefish Bone?

Cuttlefish bone can be used to make polishing powder for toothpaste. It can also be used to treat gastritis or nocturnal emissions in small reptiles or birds.

Dentists use its absorbent characteristic to stop bleeding from extracted teeth or after nose surgery. Cuttlefish bone can improve kidney deficiency and can even combat acid reflux or intestinal disorders. If applied to the skin, cuttlefish bone can treat ulcers, rashes and lesions.

A cuttlefish bone is not actually a bone, but rather the internal shell of the cuttlefish, a small, squid-like cephalopod. In the cuttlefish, the "bone" is filled with gases and helps control the fish's buoyancy in the water. While for years people have harvested and used cuttlefish bones for various purposes, the most widely recognized use of the cuttlefish bone is as a calcium-rich supplement and exercise toy for birds.

Cuttlefish bone is a lightweight, oblong, chalky object that's mainly composed of calcium. It's been used for decades as an herbal remedy in China. Soaking cuttlefish bone in warm water and ingesting it orally is a traditional remedy used to improve the health of bones and teeth. Cuttlefish bone is also used as a supplement to treat stomach acidity and ulcers.