What Are Some Uses for Craft Bags?


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Craft bags can be used as luminaries and in the making of crafts such as baskets, wreaths, crowns and puppets. They can also be used to hold treats or gifts.

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A person can add a touch of rustic, homemade charm to her home by turning an ordinary brown craft bag into a basket that can be used to hold fruit or mail. She just needs to cut the bag into strips and fold the strips in thirds width-wise to make long pieces. Then she weaves them together. To make the sides of the basket, she folds the strips up and continues weaving, adding horizontal strips as needed. She can make other decorations out of craft bags, such as wreaths, vases and mantel flowers.

Craft bags can also be transformed into buildings, puppets and crowns to entertain children. To make a crown, a child and adult first cut the craft bag down the middle to form a long piece, and then cut off the bottom and the top in a pointed design for the top of the crown. The child gets to paint and decorate the crown using sequins and pom-poms. After the paint and glue dry, the adult tapes both ends of the crown together to form a circle.

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