What Are the Uses of Copper Sulphate?

Copper sulphate is used in fungicides, insecticides, growth stimulation in agriculture, soil sterilization, disinfection, preservatives, antiseptics, pharmaceuticals, disease prevention, mold protection, gas purification and coloring. It is commonly used in textiles, public health and medicine, agriculture, chemistry and building.

When prepared with copper lime dust, copper sulphate is used in fungicides. It corrects copper deficiencies in the soil and animals and stimulates farm animals' growth. Copper sulphate kills mold, scum, algae and bacteria, making it useful in disease prevention and disinfection. It prevents the spread of athlete's foot, fungus infections and malaria. It is also used as a catalyst to create pharmaceuticals, preserves glues and helps bind together concrete and plaster. In decoration, copper sulphate adds color to cement, metals and ceramic. Some batteries, electrodes and wire contain copper sulphate. It is used in printing ink and hair dye and it creates a green color in fireworks.