What Are Some Uses for Colored Dots in Craft Projects?

What Are Some Uses for Colored Dots in Craft Projects?

Crafters can use colored dots in one of two ways. They can paint dots to create art known as pointillism, or, conversely, crafters can use prefabricated colored dots to make patterned projects.

Pointillism as an art form involves using small dots of pure color to create an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac founded the art movement in the 19th century. Crafters can use this art form to create images ranging from stylized flowers to portraits. Depending on the paint, they can create colored dot pictures on traditional canvas, other fabrics, glass or other hard surfaces.

In fact, crafters often use colored dots to create patterns on serving ware or other household items. Some crafters even use fabric paint to create polka dot tights or other clothing.

Several methods exist for creating dots with paint. Some crafters use the end of a paintbrush, an eraser or the bristles of a fine paintbrush. Others use stencils, especially when creating a pattern of uniform dots. Another method for creating colored dots in craft projects involves squeezing craft paint from tubes.

Another method for using dots of color on household items involves prefabricated colored dots. These dots come in different materials that include fabric and plastic. Crafters use them to update items such as T-shirts and furniture.