What Are Some Uses for Ceramic Clay?


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Some uses of ceramic clay are producing roof and wall tiles, pottery, art ware, sculptures and tableware. These objects are produced by heating or manipulating the clay and allowing it to harden. The high temperature drives water out of the clay and allows the substance to become more compact.

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Wall and roof tiles used to construct homes are made of ceramic clay. The material can be manipulated and then hardened to produce a more durable and tougher material.

Pottery is a ceramic material made out of clay that can transform into stoneware and porcelain. The use of pottery dates back to before the Neolithic period. The different types of clay used for pottery are: kaolin, ball clay, fire clay, stoneware clay and bentonite. Pottery can be shaped by hand and also by using the potter's wheel.

Ceramic clay is used by artists because of its flexibility and the fact that it is easy to use. Studio potters design everything from cookware to flower vases. These artists usually then paint different designs on the exterior of their handiwork. The earliest sculptures of deities were constructed of clay because of their functional use. Ceramic clay is also used in producing cutlery and other items used in serving food.

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