What Are Some Uses for Antique Perfume Decanters?


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Some ways to recycle an antique perfume decanter are to utilize it as a small vase, incense holder or reed diffuser. Another use for this item is to refill it with lotion or homemade fragrances, notes Ecosalon.

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By using different colors of enamel based paint, it is possible to transform a plain perfume bottle into a one-of-a-kind flower or bud vase. However, any type of old bottle, which may be sold at flea markets, can be useful for this project, states Martha Stewart.

Old perfume bottle decanters also can make good storage containers for other objects or ingredients, such as small jewelry pieces, homemade sprays and lotions, notes Ecosalon.

These types of perfume bottles can have uses for crafting, such as a homemade reed diffuser, according to Creme de la Craft. This is a simple project that requires materials such as diffuser oil, bamboo skewers, decorative paper, acrylic paint and a foam brush.

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