How Do You Get a User Manual for a Handy Stitch Sewing Machine?

As of January 2016, a manual for the Singer Handy Stitch sewing machine is not available to view or download online. However, other websites such as and offer detailed instructions on how to use the device.

To find instructions on, type "handy stitch" in the search bar, and select the option below the bar labeled Search for Guides; then hit Enter. From the results list, select the first guide titled "How to Use a Handy Stitch." The article lists necessary supplies along with instructions on how to position the bobbin, thread and sew with the machine along with information on how to secure the stitches with the Handy Stitch.

To find instructions on, type "How to use the Singer Handy Stitch" in the search bar at the top of the website, and hit Enter. As of 2016, the first result should read "How to Use the Singer Handy Stitch Sewing Machine Pt. 1." Lessons are divided into five different video segments; Click the first link for interactive lessons on how to use the Handy Stitch, and proceed to view the remaining parts in the automatic playlist back-to-back, or manually click ahead to the following video from the Up Next column on the right.