What are some useful "Grand Theft Auto" cheats?


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Cheats for ���Grand Theft Auto��� include accessing stage select by pressing left, right, up, down, L, R and then holding Start and A, or turning on cheats by holding A and B and pressing the Start button. Both of these codes work on the Game Boy Advance version.

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After turning on cheat codes, the game displays the text ���Cheat Modes On.��� The location of the in-game character also appears on the screen. With cheat mode on, players can enter in a number of other codes during normal gameplay, such as max health by pressing left, right, up, down, B and B.

When turning on the stage select screen, the player has to be on the main menu. After entering the correct button inputs, the game makes a chime sound. Next, there is a new option on the main menu called Pick Level. Players can also hit the B button on the main menu to bring up the game credits.

There are some useful hints that players can use for ���Grand Theft Auto��� that don't require cheat codes. For example, once they reach the level six heat, the player should run around trying to stay alive or getting busted. Eventually, a tank appears on the world map for her to use. Inside the tank, she can shoot homing missiles by pressing the A and B buttons together.

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