How Do You Use Virtual DJ?

Users can download the Virtual DJ software from the manufacturer's website and install it onto Macs or PCs. This software allows users to use digital music instead of records and CDs. Virtual DJ is compatible with most DJ controllers out there; users can buy a subscription and get extra features such as locating missing tracks, which Virtual DJ will find on the Internet and stream directly.

Virtual DJ has a wide range of features and uses. Some features are waveform display, deck controls and mixing controls. Waveform display tracks the waveform of each song loaded or currently playing on the deck the user has selected. The computer beat grid represents the position of measures and is displayed as small squares below the curves. There are three different deck options: two, four and six. There are audio mixer controls that offers a two- or four-channel audio mixer with high, mid and low equalizer knobs. The other mixer knobs are gain, filter, volume, audio crossfade and PFL section buttons.

Virtual DJ can be used for other things, such as karaoke, podcasts, Internet radio and video mixing. Virtual DJ has multiple subscription plans for music, karaoke and video.