How Do You Use Threaded Hooks?


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To use threaded hooks, install them in a wall or ceiling, and hang items from them. Threaded hooks are available in a range of sizes. The small hooks are suitable for holding up light items such as Christmas tree lights, while larger hooks can support tools and other heavy objects when they are installed correctly.

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To ensure a strong hold, install threaded hooks into wall studs so that they sit securely. Use a power drill to save time when installing multiple hooks. Bore a hole in the stud that is a slightly narrower diameter than the threaded hook's shank. This allows the hook to enter the surface while still leaving some material for the threads to grip. Begin screwing the hook in by hand so that it is steady in the hole.

Use a power drill with a hook eye in the chuck to finish screwing in the hook. Set the drill to low speed, and slide the eye over the hook. The drill then pulls the hook around, screwing it in firmly. To make final adjustments, place a screwdriver shank in the hook and twist it until the hook is properly aligned.

Avoid mounting threaded hooks in cement or cinderblock surfaces, as they can be very hard to drill into.

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