How Do You Use a Textile Cutting Table?


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To use a textile cutting table, spread the piece of textile of choice tautly across the top of the table and secure it in the fabric spreader. The stretched piece of fabric is easier to cut accurately and cleanly with a fabric cutting tool like a rotary cutter, which is a thin sharp blade that makes very precise cuts on the fabric.

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Many textile cutting tables also have a rotary board as a table top. The rotary board features marks that are 1 square inch and form a grid. Those who cut textiles typically use this feature of the rotary board to make precise angled cuts, measure fabric, and cut pieces of fabric off in specific sizes.

When using a rotary board on a textile cutting table, many craftsmen use a ruler to help the rotary cutter move in a straight line and create a precise length. For the most precise cut, use the ruler to align with the marks on the rotary board. Utilizing the rotary board with the ruler also helps to ensure precise cuts and avoid any discrepancies between measuring tools, which can prove disastrous when putting together a complex piece or upholstering a piece of furniture.

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