What Do You Use to Tally Your Score in Bridge?

Unlike its sister game cribbage, the various forms of bridge use pencil and paper rather than a specialized board to keep score. In tournament play, special software may also be used, but it is unnecessary for ordinary games.

Bridge is a family of card games that involve players choosing to play a certain number of cards to win the current round. The cards are assigned points according to their suit. It is possible to play bridge between four players, in teams of four, in pairs, or with separate players sharing hands of cards, so there are many different rules. However, generally, players keep score by writing down their points on a paper pad or scorecard. In rubber bridge, the simplest kind, the score is divided between "we" and "they," with points from each round compared in a running tally.

In serious tournaments, software may be used. As of 2015, ACBLscore is a popular program used by many clubs.