How Do You Use System Link to Connect Xbox 360 Consoles?


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In order to use system link to connect Xbox 360 consoles, make sure there is an ethernet crossover, or system link, cable, a game that supports system link play, two screens, one for each console, and a connection from the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on each console. The ethernet port is found in different places depending on the model of Xbox being used. The standard 360 ethernet port is next to the AV port while the 360S and 360E ports are located beneath the aux port.

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Connecting more than two consoles is similar to a standard system link, but requires more cables and screens, along with an ethernet hub, depending on how many consoles are going to be linked.

  1. Make sure all consoles are turned off, and connected to their respective screens.
  2. Ensure each console has a matching copy of a system link enabled game, which may require downloading updates or patches so all consoles are running the same version.
  3. Connect all consoles to the ethernet hub via the ethernet port on the back of each console. A number of devices can serve as a hub, including routers.
  4. Turn on the networking hub first, followed by the consoles and screens, then insert the game disks.
  5. Follow the in-game instructions to enable system link play
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