How Do You Use Stencils for Metal Embossing?


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Embossing a piece of metal from a stencil requires a purchased stencil or a homemade one printed on paper from clip art and embossing aluminum or silver; make sure you use embossing aluminum, not aluminum foil. Place the stencil on top of the metal and trace around it with a stylus or pencil to create a faint embossed image on the opposite side.

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After tracing the design with a sharp stylus or a pencil to create the initial raised image, it's time to emboss. Remove the stencil and use a larger, dull stylus to trace over the lines you created initially on the same side. For an even sharper design, flip the metal over and prepare to deboss the front. Take a stylus of at least one size smaller than the one you used in the first step and trace close to the embossed lines. Use a bone or plastic folder to smooth out any undesirable rough spots, and cut the metal design to the desired size.

When making stencils at home, it's important to remember the final design is a mirror image of the stencil. In some cases this won't matter much, but be careful with homemade text stencils. Many programs provide ways to print mirror images of text.

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