How Do You Use a Skin Editor?


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The specific controls for using a skin editor in an online or offline video game vary between each game, but most typically include a series of options to modify the color and appearance of the player's character. Some games feature an in-game editor, while others support third-party programs for creating custom skins.

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In a video game, a skin is the full outer appearance of a character, consisting of both the actual skin and body of the character along with any clothing and accessories. One of the most popular games that supports the editing and creation of custom skins is "Minecraft." The game contains a single style for all characters, but it lets players fully change the appearance of the characters by drawing on a preset character skin grin. Skin editors on sites such as MinecraftSkins.net, NovaSkin.me and MinecaftSkins.com all present players with base character models and offer painting and fill tools that allow players to draw new skin designs. After completing a design, a player can export the file and upload it into a game.

Other games, such as "Grand Theft Auto V," only offer skin editors within the game. These editors allow players to choose from available options, such as specific clothing items and hairstyles, as well as basic changes to skin tone and body size.

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