How Do You Use the Simplicity Cape Pattern?


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To use a Simplicity cape pattern, take the appropriate measurements of the model's body according to the sizing information included in the pattern envelope. Cut all of the fabric to the recommended sizes and shapes that correspond to the model's measurements.

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Simplicity cape patterns come with sizing information that includes back and front views for each piece of the overall design and the recommended lengths for cutting fabric according to body measurements. Depending on the cape pattern, there are body measurements for three to four overall pattern sizes that encompass multiple retail sizes. The body measurements for a small cape, for example, correspond to retail sizes three and four.

Each simplicity pattern also features suggested fabrics to use and directions about lengths to cut other materials for accessories that can accompany the cape, such as grosgrain ribbon for bows, fur trimming, sequin trimming or metallic cardboard for a crown. Each simplicity cape pattern also offers directions for cutting enough fabric to create slight variations on the cape, such as a long or a short cape, and any head wear, such as a hood for a child's costume cape.

Each piece of the pattern corresponds to a letter, and the enclosed tissue shape is what you superimpose over and pin onto your fabric to serve as a cutting guide. Follow the sewing directions included in the pattern envelope to sew the fabric pieces together properly.

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