How Do You Use Free Sheet Music Printouts?


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The websites 8notes.com, freesheetmusic.net and IMSLP.org provide free sheet music for many instruments and voice types. Search for your desired instrument, piece or composer. Click on the website’s or browser’s printer icon to print the music.

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To find tips for reading music go to musicnotes.com, click on Free Stuff and select How to Read Sheet Music. This article explains the basics of decoding music notation. Reading music fluently takes a great deal of time and practice.

Use treble clef notes if reading music for female voice, flute, clarinet, violin or other high-pitched instruments. Use bass clef notes if reading music for bass voice, trombone, cello, bass or other low-pitched instruments. Piano notation uses treble and bass clefs; the treble clef is on the top and the bass clef is on the bottom. Usually when reading piano notation, the right hand plays the treble clef and the left hand plays the bass clef.

Free sheet music websites offer music that is in the public domain. The websites provide folk songs such as “Mary Had A little Lamb” and classical pieces such as “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven. Websites can provide this music for free because it has no traceable composer or its intellectual property rights have expired. Playing more recently composed music requires payment.

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