How Do You Use Scissors?


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Scissors are used by first holding them properly, with the thumb holding one blade and the middle finger holding another; resting the scissors on the ring finger. The scissors are held in the dominant hand, while the object to be cut should be in the subdominant hand.

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Scissors are held so that the top blade is operated by the thumb. Paper is cut by moving the principal blade with the thumb and with minimum movement of the other fingers. To help children learn to use scissors, play dough may be rolled and snipped to create pea shapes. Narrow strips of any colored paper may be used for practice, as the width of the paper can be cut with a single movement of the scissors. This is an easy way of learning to grasp the scissors and release them to cut. After the use of scissors becomes more familiar, the child may start cutting wider strips of paper. If the child is expected to cut along a line, the line should be drawn thickly. Instruct the child to cut along the side of the line further from the hand holding the paper. Practicing linear cuts followed by circular and triangular cuts develops a child's ability to use scissors.

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